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Our History

A brief history of T2
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The induction of T2 Basketball comes as a 2nd-grade basketball team filled mostly with kindergarteners. Their first competition comes in the JPS league where they finish in second place. Some of that team would go on to compete in 3v3 and other tournaments. During the spring season they also begin offering the T2 Basketball academy which are training sessions for participants in and out of the program.


T2 Basketball starts the year with teams in the 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade divisions. They also compete with a girls’ 4th-grade team. All teams compete in various local leagues and tournaments. Later in 2017, participation grows and T2 basketball adds teams to the 8th grade. Multiple teams are added at the 4th, 6th, and 7th-grade divisions. T2 Basketball academy begins to see upward of 90 participants at their training sessions.


T2 Basketball grows to around 130 participants. They continue to offer the academy sessions that on given nights can see 150 participants. They compete with 9 teams in various scheduled events and begin to compete nationally with 6 teams.


T2 Basketball has 16 teams competing in various local events. They are members in good standing with the Amateur Athletic Union. They add multiple national level tournaments where they won two national-level championships. More importantly the participants begin to take their game to the many courts they are globally welcomed. Their participants shine from New York to California and on to Mexico and Canada.